God’s Suffering Servant (Isaiah 52:13-53:12)

Isaiah A Study of Selected Texts

God’s Suffering Servant (Isaiah 52:13-53:12)

  • 52:13-15 – Exaltation of the Servant
    • “Exalted and extolled and be very high”
    • Exaltation followed severe maltreatment (Luke 23:14; John 1:1,14; Philippians 2:7)
  • 53:1-3 – The Servant despised and rejected
    • “Who has believed our report” (John 12:37-38; Romans 10:14-17)
    • He wasn’t what they expected (Mark 6:2-4; John 1:46)
    • He can still be despised today (John 12:42-43, 49-50; Romans 8:17; Matthew 25:31-46)
  • 53:4-6 – Vicarious suffering
    • Because of our sins (Isaiah 59:2)
    • Wounded or pierced (Psalm 22:16; John 19:34; Zechariah 12:10; John 19:37)
    • The folly of following human wisdom (Proverbs 3:5; Jeremiah 10:23; Judges 17:6; 21:25; Proverbs 14:12)
  • 53:7-9 – Silence of the Servant
    • Before Pilate (Matthew 27:11-14)
    • Joseph of Arimathea (Matthew 27:57-60)
    • Jesus as an example of suffering (1 Peter 2:18-25)
  • 53:10-12 – Victory and Reward
    • “The fruit of his suffering is the redemption of men effected by the offering for sin which Christ made when he went to the cross.” (Guy N. Woods)
    • “He shall prolong His days” – resurrection from the dead (Revelation 1:18)

Discussion Questions

1. Why is this passage so often read as we prepare to observe the Lord’s Supper?

2. Why was the Messiah “despised and rejected by men” in the first century? What are some reasons men today still reject Him and His message?

3. What phrases indicate the vicarious nature of Christ’s suffering?

4. In what way was the Lord’s days prolonged?

5. Identify some of the specific prophecies in this chapter and their fulfillments in the New Testament.

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