Abhor What is Evil
Alive in Christ
Are We “All on the Same Team”?
Are You Excited?
Ask for the Old Paths
Be Better, Live Better, Serve Better
“Be Careful Little Mouth What You Say”
Be Strong and of Good Courage
Blessed In Christ
Cling To What Is Good
Does Doctrine Matter?
Exhort One Another
Fairweather Followers
Faulty Memories
Fervent in Spirit, Serving the Lord
Give Attendance to Reading
Giving Preference To One Another
God is Faithful
Guard Against Apostasy
Hidden Sin
Jesus Heals a Paralytic Man
Just Because We Don’t Know…
Learning From Matthew
Let Love Be Without Hypocrisy
Love and Truth in Evangelism
Love One Another
Man’s Spiritual Needs
Missed Opportunities
“My God is Too Big for One Religion”
Not Lagging In Diligence
Obedience Requires Humility
On Billy Graham and the “importance” of baptism
On Stephen Hawking and the reality of God
Our Relationship to the World
Saving Faith
Should a Christian Give to the “Salvation Army”?
The Devil Hates Success
The Hope of the Faithful
The Joy of Mercy
The Purpose of Baptism
The Responsibility of the Hearer
The Value of the Old Testament
‘Tis the Season
Truth vs. “e-Error”
Try and Take Over the World
Using the Word to Overcome Temptation
What My God Does

But when they believed Philip as he preached the things concerning the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ, both men and women were baptized. (Acts 8:12)

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