Abhor What Is Evil

          To “abhor” is to “regard with disgust and hatred.” This is how God sees sin, and it must be how we see sin as well.
          Christians have long opposed the action of abortion, seeing it as the murder of an innocent, defenseless human being. The New York state legislature recently passed a law that allows abortions after 24 weeks if the mother’s health is at risk. Certainly there are difficult decisions that need to be made by some in such cases, but there is a fear that the law can be manipulated and interpreted too broadly. One does not have to scroll through their Facebook feed very long to see several posts, editorial cartoons, and links to articles about the evils of abortion.
          There is no doubt, per Romans 12:9, that we are to “abhor what is evil,” and that certainly includes abortion. Yet, how do we approach this and other subjects in our interactions with others? Do our words, either online or in person, do more harm than good? There are many in the world that have been deceived by people they trust, taught to accept things that Christians find unconscionable. If we verbally attack them, more times than not they will simply dig in and defend their position regardless of any argument presented.
          Consider the approach God commands in Galatians 6:1 – “in a spirit of gentleness.” Think about the Facebook posts and interactions you have witnessed over the past week concerning abortion. How many times would you say the godly position was presented “in a spirit of gentleness”?
          What we say absolutely matters, make no mistake about it! Should we oppose the evil of abortion? Of course we should! However, we need to be certain how we say it does not hinder our neighbor’s acceptance of the truth. Be gentle and patient and kind while being steadfast and uncompromising in God’s Word.
          May we always be those who “abhor what is evil” while we seek to guide the erring toward God’s truth in gentleness. We must abhor the sin, but see the soul as precious to and wanted by the Almighty.

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