Prophecy and Proof (Acts 13:13-41)

Prophecy and Proof Acts 13:13-41

Acts 13:13-41

I. The historical background of the Messiah (Acts 13:13-23)

    A. The exodus, wilderness, and Joshua (Acts 13:16-19; Deuteronomy 7:1-2)
    B. David (Acts 13:20-22) and his part in God’s plan (Acts 13:23)

II. The prophecies and proofs of Jesus (Acts 13:23-37)

    A. John the Baptizer’s testimony (Acts 13:23-25; John 1:29-30; 3:30)
    B. Paul’s target audience: “those among you who fear God” (Acts 13:26)
    C. Jesus’ rejection and crucifixion fulfilled prophecy (Acts 13:27-29)
    D. Jesus’ resurrection fulfilled prophecy (Acts 13:30-37; 2:29ff)

III. Jesus is the answer to every man’s problem of sin (Acts 13:38-41)

    A. Forgiveness and justification (Acts 13:38-39; Galatians 3:23-25)
    B. Warning against rebellion (Acts 13:40-41; Habakkuk 1:5; Isaiah 53:1)

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