Read the New Testament in a year, one chapter a day, five days a week

Day 31/260: Read Acts 7

Isn’t it amazing how the same message is received in different ways by different people? On Pentecost, Peter told the Jews gathered there that they had crucified the Son of God. Their response was one of repentance and obedience. Here, Stephen delivers the same general message, but the response was much different.

Both audiences were “cut to the heart” (Acts 2:37; 7:54), but instead of inquiring how to fix their condition, Stephen’s audience “gnashed at him with their teeth.” They didn’t want to hear the truth; they didn’t want to accept responsibility.

Stephen was murdered because of his faith and his boldness. He refused to back down; he declined to compromise the message even in the face of death.

How strong is our faith? How easily do we bend to the will of our friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors and reject the truth of the Word? It is not likely we will face the same level of persecution as Stephen and others in the first century when Christianity was illegal, but far too often we compromise when the stakes are much lower.

How can you take a stand for Christ today?

Memory (Read aloud 5-10 times)

Acts 8:12. But when they believed Philip as he preached the things concerning the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ, both men and women were baptized.


Pray for those over whom you may have a positive influence for Christ, that they may receive the message with an open heart like those on Pentecost.

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