A Study of Revelation

This morning, we completed a twelve-lesson study of the book of Revelation in our middle school class. It was a challenging study, but the kids were up to the challenge and encouraged me the whole way.

We approached the study from the understanding that Revelation was written prior to the destruction of Jerusalem. I relied heavily on Foy E. Wallace’s commentary as well as Paul R. Blake’s study. Other resources consulted included James Burton Coffman’s commentary and Arthur Ogden’s The Avenging of the Apostles and Prophets.

My class notes are not as in-depth as any of the above sources, as mine were designed to be studied in twelve class sessions that lasted about 35-40 minutes each. I offer my notes here as a study aid, but encourage those who are not limited by time to investigate the resources listed above for deeper study.

Click here to download A Study of Revelation: Class notes compiled by Jason T. Carter (PDF format).

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