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The Word Grows In Ephesus (Acts 19:11-20)

The Word Grows in Ephesus Acts 19:11-20

Acts 19:11-20

I. The miracles of Paul

    A. “Unusual” [NKJV], “special” [KJV], “extraordinary” [NASB] (Acts 19:11-12)
    B. Other examples (Acts 5:14-15; Mark 6:53-56)

II. Pretenders

    A. A misuse of the Lord’s name (Acts 19:13-14; Exodus 20:7; Matthew 5:33-37; James 5:12)
    B. The demon’s mocking response (Acts 19:15)
    C. The demon cast out those who tried to cast him out (Acts 19:16) and the name of Jesus magnified (Acts 19:17)

III. Repentance in Ephesus

    A. The burning of books (Acts 19:18-19)
    B. “The word of the Lord grew mightily and prevailed” (Acts 19:20)

The One Baptism (Acts 18:24-19:7)

The One Baptism Acts 18:24-19:7

Acts 18:24-19:7

I. Apollos, Aquila, and Priscilla

    A. Apollos, educated and eloquent, “knew only the baptism of John” (Acts 18:24-26a; Mark 1:4; Matthew 3:7-8)
    B. Aquila and Priscilla corrected him privately (Acts 18:26b)
    C. Apollos was corrected and continued his work for the Lord (Acts 18:27-28)

II. Paul and the Ephesians

    A. “Into John’s baptism” (Acts 19:1-4; Matthew 3:1-2; Acts 2:38; Matthew 28:19)
    B. Their reaction to Paul’s teaching: humble obedience (Acts 19:5)
    C. The gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 19:6-7; Mark 16:20; 1 Corinthians 13:8-10)

III. “Do I need to be rebaptized?”

    A. Infant baptism
    B. Sprinkling or pouring (Romans 6:3-5)
    C. Going along with the crowd/trying to please others
    D. Viewed as unnecessary/unessential (1 Peter 3:21)
    E. Baptized into a church/fellowship that operates contrary to New Testament authority (2 Timothy 2:10; Galatians 3:27)

Read the New Testament in a year, one chapter a day, five days a week

Day 43/260: Read Acts 19

There are many false notions about baptism in the religious world. Some view the act as nothing more than a ritual, “an outward sign of an inward grace.” That phrase is found nowhere within inspiration.

The men in Ephesus had been baptized, but for the wrong reason. They were baptized into John’s baptism, which was “a baptism of repentance” that pointed to the coming Messiah. The problem is that when these men were baptized, Christ had already come, been crucified, resurrected, and ascended into heaven. John’s baptism was no longer valid.

The reason for baptism was important then, and it is important now. Why were you baptized?

What is the reason for baptism, according to the Scriptures?

  • For salvation (Mark 16:16; 1 Peter 3:21)
  • For the remission of sins (Acts 2:38)
  • To wash away sins (Acts 22:16)
  • To reenact Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection (Romans 6:3-5)
  • To get into Christ (Galatians 3:27)

Were you baptized for these reasons? If not, talk to a member of the church of Christ in your area. Study. Learn. Obey.

Memory (Fill in the blanks)

Acts 20:28. Therefore take heed to yourselves and to all the _______________, among which the Holy Spirit has made you _______________, to shepherd the _______________ of God which He purchased with His own blood.


Pray for the boldness to obey Christ’s commands for the right reasons.