The Devil Among God’s People (Mark 1:21-28)

The Devil Among God's People (Mark 1:21-28)

Mark 1:21-28

I. The authority of Jesus heard (1:21-22)

    A. Taught by example – He went to the synagogue (1:21)
    B. Taught by word – consistency between His words and actions, unlike the scribes (1:21-22)

II. The existence of evil (1:23-24)

    A. The man with an unclean spirit was among God’s people at the synagogue (1:23; cf. 1 Peter 5:8)
    B. The demon knew who Jesus was (1:24; cf. James 2:19)

III. The power of Jesus demonstrated (1:25-26)

    A. Restrained the demon’s ability to speak (1:25)
    B. Forced the demon to exit the man’s body (1:25)
    C. The demon left, but did not go without a fight (1:26)

IV. The reaction of the people (1:27-28)

    A. Amazed at His authority over evil (1:27)
    B. When amazing things happen, word gets around (1:28)

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