Silence that is Sinful (2 Kings 7:3-10)

Silence that is Sinful (2 Kings 7:3-10)

2 Kings 7:3-10

I. They were alarmed by what they faced (2 Kings 7:3-4)

    A. Severe famine led to extortion and cannibalism (2 Kings 6:25-29)
    B. A hopeless scenario

II. They were amazed at what they found (2 Kings 7:5-8)

    A. The provisions were not only sufficient, but surpassed their needs
    B. The prodigal son’s view of his father’s provisions for the servants: “bread enough and to spare” (Luke 15:17)

III. They were absorbed with what they had (2 Kings 7:8)

    A. They consumed all they could
    B. They concealed treasures they found – greed

IV. They were ashamed of what they had done (2 Kings 7:9)

    A. Confession: “We are not doing right” (cf. Haggai 1:4-5)
    B. Selfishness is inexcusable
    C. Silence is impossible

V. They were anxious to tell what they should (2 Kings 7:9-10)

    A. Urgency – did not want to wait even until morning
    B. They communicated what they had found – if people starved, at least they tried

VI. Application

    A. We must be alarmed at our condition if we are in sin
    B. We must be amazed by the grace of God when we find it
    C. We must be absorbed with what God reveals through His Word
    D. We must be ashamed if we do not share what we find
    E. We must be anxious to tell others!

Adapted from an outline by J. Winfred Clark

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