Come and See (John 1:29-51)

Come and See John 1:29-51

John 1:29-51

I. “Behold! The Lamb of God!”

    A. Jesus takes away sin (John 1:29; Isaiah 53:6)
    B. John’s testimony of Jesus (John 1:30-35; Matthew 3:16-17)
    C. John’s desire to turn people to Christ (John 1:36; 3:30)

II. “What do you seek?”

    A. Jesus invites them to “Come and see” (John 1:37-40)
    B. Andrew then brings Peter (John 1:41-42; cf. 6:8-9; 12:20-22)

III. “Come and see!”

    A. Jesus to Philip: “Follow Me” (John 1:43; Luke 9:23-26, 57-62)
    B. Philip to Nathanael: “Come and see!” (John 1:44-49; Acts 17:11)
    C. “You will see greater things than these” (John 1:50-51)

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