Unhindered (Acts 28)

Unhindered Acts 28

Acts 28

I. Unhindered by outside forces

    A. Delay caused by weather (Acts 28:11-13)
    B. Confinement (Acts 28:16-20)
    C. Chains (Acts 28:20, 30; Philippians 1:12-14)
    D. Government (Acts 28:30-31; Romans 12:18; 13:1-7)

II. Unhindered by attitudes

    A. Superstitions (Acts 28:11, 2-6)
    B. Apprehension (Acts 28:13-15)
    C. Intimidation (Acts 28:16)
    D. Rejection (Acts 28:21-29; 9:15)

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