Paul in Philippi (Acts 16:11-34)

Paul in Philippi Acts 16

Acts 16:11-34

I. Lydia

    A. At the riverside (Acts 16:11-13)
    B. Lydia (Acts 16:14-15)

      1. A successful businesswoman
      2. Religious
      3. Obedient

II. Trouble

    A. The possessed slave girl (Acts 16:16-18)
    B. The loss of profits (Acts 16:19-24)
    C. Paul and Silas in prison (Acts 16:25-26; Philippians 4:4)

III. The jailer

    A. His concern for his life (Acts 16:27-28)
    B. His concern for his soul (Acts 16:29-30)
    C. Paul’s instruction (Acts 16:31-32)
    D. The jailer’s obedience (Acts 16:33-34)

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