Monday through Friday with People of Faith: Day 95/260: Abigail

Read 1 Samuel 25

Do The Right Thing

Have you ever been with a group of people that want to participate in some activity, or behave a particular way, that you know goes against God’s will? What do you do when you find yourself in such a situation?

Abigail was married to a man who was boorish, rude, and selfish. David’s company protected the herdsmen of Nabal, Abigail’s husband, while they were shearing the sheep in Carmel. David sent messengers to Nabal, informing him of their safety and requesting sustenance in return. They were to say to Nabal, “Peace be to you, peace to your house, and peace to all that you have! Now I have heard that you have shearers. Your shepherds were with us, and we did not hurt them, nor was there anything missing from them all the while they were in Carmel. Ask your young men, and they will tell you. Therefore let my young men find favor in your eyes, for we come on a feast day. Please give whatever comes to your hand to your servants and to your son David” (1 Samuel 25:6-8).

Nabal scoffed at these men and refused their request. David decides to retaliate against Nabal with force, but when Nabal’s wife Abigail heard what had happened, she hastened to intercept David. Without Nabal’s knowledge, she greeted David with food for his group. She recognized her husband’s error, calling him a scoundrel and saying to David, “Nabal is his name, and folly is with him!” (1 Samuel 25:25).

Abigail interceded on behalf of her uncouth husband, and David turned away from his evil plan. Even though Nabal likely would have opposed and perhaps even prevented her actions, Abigail did the right thing. She showed kindness to David, and David in turn blessed her. A short time later, “the Lord struck Nabal, and he died” (1 Samuel 25:38). When David heard of his death, he proposed to Abigail, and she became his wife.

When we do the right thing, blessings will come. It may not come as quickly as Abigail experienced, but God will bless those who are kind and merciful to others. In every instance, we should do the right thing—even if those closest to us won’t.

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