“I Am The Light Of The World” (John 8:12)

I am the Light of the World John 8:12

John 8:12

I. Jesus is a progressive light

    A. We must follow, not stand still (John 1:43; Matthew 4:18-19; 9:9; Luke 9:23-25; John 6:68)
    B. He provided guidance in the Old Testament (Exodus 13:21)
    C. He still provides guidance today (1 John 1:7; 2 John 9)

II. Jesus is a light of safety

    A. Darkness represents spiritual danger (John 12:35)
    B. Jesus’ light guides each step of the way (Psalm 119:105)

III. Jesus is a life-giving light

    A. If you take man away from the Son’s light, man will stop growing! (John 1:4; 10:10b)
    B. Jesus’ effect on spiritual health (James 1:14-15; Malachi 4:2)

IV. Jesus is a light of hope

    A. Old Testament view on immortality (Hebrews 11:13; 2 Samuel 12:23; Job 14:14)
    B. He has “brought life and immortality to light” (2 Timothy 1:10; Ephesians 2:12-13; 5:8-14)

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