The Authority of Jesus (Luke 19:47-20:8)

The Authority of Jesus Luke 19:47-20:8

Luke 19:47-20:8

I. The Jewish leaders’ question

    A. The Lord’s rebuke of the Pharisees (Luke 11:37-52) and the Pharisees’ opposition to the Lord (Luke 11:53-54; 6:7)
    B. Their prejudiced question (Luke 19:47-20:2)

II. The Lord’s question

    A. John’s baptism—from God or from men? (Luke 20:3-4; John 1:6, 29, 34-36; 3:26-36)
    B. Their claim of ignorance (Luke 20:5-7)

III. Rebellion and dishonesty leaves one with no hope

    A. They refused to answer His question, so He refused to answer theirs (Luke 20:8; John 20:30-31)
    B. We must accept the truth of the gospel and obey it (James 1:21-25; Matthew 28:18; Mark 16:16)

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