Read the New Testament in a year, one chapter a day, five days a week

Day 159/260: Read 2 Peter 1

It is an interesting study to examine those things that Peter held as “precious.” The word appears several times in his two epistles, including twice in the first chapter of Second Peter.

First, notice that faith is precious to Peter (1 Peter 1:7; 2 Peter 1:1). How precious? “Much more precious than gold that perishes.”

In his discussion of modesty, Peter says that “a gentle and quiet spirit” in a woman is preferred over an outward show of beauty. One’s physical appearance may diminish over time, but a woman’s “hidden person of the heart” is “precious in the sight of God” (1 Peter 3:1-4).

There is “the precious blood of Christ, as a lamb without blemish and without spot” (1 Peter 1:19). We remember this blood that was shed every first day of the week as we observe the Lord’s Supper.

Christ Himself is precious as “a living stone,” “a chief cornerstone,” even though He is rejected by the disobedient (1 Peter 2:4-7). Our acceptance of Christ makes Him no less precious to those who are faithful.

Finally, the promises of God are precious (2 Peter 1:4). No one can stop God from accomplishing what He has promised to His elect.

Memory (Fill in the blanks)

1 Peter 3:15. But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be _______________ to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with _______________ and fear.


Pray for a better outlook on the precious things of God.

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