The Blessing of Compassion (Psalm 41)

Psalm 41

I. The Lord’s view of the compassionate

    A. Repay the mercy that was shown to you (Psalm 41:1a)
    B. Six manifestations of the Lord’s mercy (Psalm 41:1b-3)

II. Enemies will mistreat you

    A. A penitent prayer for mercy (Psalm 41:4)
    B. Our enemy’s unwillingness to forgive (Psalm 41:5-8)
    C. A betrayal of close friends (Psalm 41:9; cf. 2 Samuel 15:1-12; John 13:18)

III. Men can be fickle, but God is faithful

    A. God’s justice will be served (Psalm 41:10-11)
    B. Integrity based on repentance (Psalm 41:12)
    C. Praise the One who shows compassion on His creation (Psalm 41:13)

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