Announcing the “Events” page

Gospel meetings. Lectureships. Seminars. Ladies’ Days. Youth Events. There are many things going on in the brotherhood, and sometimes it is difficult to keep up with everything. In an attempt to facilitate that to some degree, I have created a new page for “Events” ( This is meant to be a chronological listing of brotherhood happenings that are open to the public, such as gospel meetings and lectureships. You are welcome to suggest an event for the page here (

I have started the page with a few events that I have seen advertised elsewhere, but will gladly update any of the information if it is incomplete or incorrect. I am sure the page will evolve over time if it is used, and I am open to any suggestions you might have.

Will this page be helpful? Only if it is used. Bookmark the “Events” page, tell others about it, and submit information for the brotherhood to see.